So I don’t really know what to say about last week, except that most of it sucked (don’t you love how upbeat I started this?), but I’ll get to that in another post. Despite a quick downhill descent, the week at least started out extremely well: I attended my first Annual Unboundary Feast. Our traffic manager, Dawn, loves a party and was in her element planning this one. She based this year’s Feast off of Norman Rockwell’s Freedom from Want and she nailed it. The menfolk had bowties and plastic pipes and the ladies each got to pick an apron to wear; everyone brought in their special Feast dishes and gathered ’round the table to celebrate Thanksgiving a bit early. And it was all great fun.

But then, almost any day I wear my polka dot pumps is a good day in my book. Even if they do cause me to hobble around in pain the entire next day.

{To see and read a bit more about the Feast, visit Dawn’s blog}