So, things have been happening that may explain my absence. A list for you:

1. Another TEDxAtlanta has come and gone.

I can’t remember what I’ve discussed on this blog, really, but my boss is the organizer for TEDxAtlanta, and I am responsible for various and sundry little details of the event that are behind the scenes, but add up to be a pretty important component to the event happening the way it should. Due to some adjustments, this particular event called for even more focus than usual and it’s taken about a week for my eyes to recede back to their normal position in my head. My hair, also, is starting to lay back down in a slightly less frazzled fashion (although that’s a battle I’m always losing).

2. I moved in with my boyfriend.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned my boyfriend outright on this blog. I’m a pretty private person when it comes to discussing my relationships, but when you start living with the guy I guess the jig is up. We’ve been dating a year, and we just settled into a cute little place two weeks ago that we’re excited to make our home. I’ve had to handle my family with kid gloves, but they’re resignedly supportive. Since my father didn’t drop dead of a heart attack over the news, I’m calling that encounter a success.

3. I’m saying goodbye to Josie & George.

Josie & George started when I was right out of college, and it was an outlet for some good old-fashioned post-college panic. Lately, though, the writing has felt forced. Mostly because it is forced–I’ve been determined to keep blogging so that I keep writing, but the result is mostly half-hearted content. I’ve finally accepted Josie & George doesn’t reflect my life anymore. I’m starting a new blog, Hello, Josephine, and you’re welcome to join me there if you want. It’s a blank slate and fresh start for me, blog-wise, and maybe representative of this new phase of my life, too. However, you’ll notice there are no posts there, yet. I’m still sorting out what I want the new blog to be, but I’m hoping I’ll be on a roll in a few weeks.

A big thank you to my small circle of friends who humored me by reading this blog, posting comments, and generally being wonderful.