I’ve been adjusting relatively well to my earlier mornings, with only a few complete surrenders to the temptation of the snooze button. This morning is dark and cold and wet, and my first foggy thought while listening to the rain was that it sounded like sizzling bacon. That made me feel more awake and considerably more interested in the morning until my sleepy head was able to separate that just because it sounded like bacon didn’t mean there would be bacon. Then I hit snooze for another thirty minutes.

Yesterday a friend recommended the book Gone Girl to me, and so I downloaded it on my Kindle last night. I’m not far enough into it yet to tell you what I think about it, except that I’m interested (although from what I understand, everyone but myself has read it already, anyway). Right now a little reading paired with my cup of coffee sounds like a good way to positively reinforce this waking-up-early thing, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Have a happy Tuesday, friends.