Yesterday evening I found a recipe on Pinterest that seemed worth a try, a creamy avocado pasta. I’m looking for ways to incorporate fresh produce into my diet (my eating habits are embarrassingly sub par) and this one seemed like a good, sneaky way to start. I had most of the ingredients already, so all I needed was a lemon and an avocado, which was a grocery list I could handle.

By the time I arrived at the store, I realized I’d never purchased an avocado before, and I was a little puzzled as to how to select a good one. I poked at them a bit before whipping out my smartphone and googling “how to know if an avocado is ripe”.

Place a finger on your forehead. This is how an unripe avocado will feel.

I placed a finger pad to my forehead and pushed.

Place a finger on your cheek. If your avocado feels like this, it is overripe.

I slowly poked a finger on my cheek and smooshed around a bit. Yes, no one would enjoy a cheeky avocado, I decided.

Lastly, place your finger on your nose. If your avocado feels like this, you have found your perfect avocado.

I placed my finger on my nose and squooshed, puzzled. It seemed like a strange way to judge produce. It was then that I realized I was poking my face in a rather odd fashion in public and just grabbed an avocado. I supposed they all felt more like foreheads than noses, but I wasn’t coming out of that store empty-handed. Still, all the thoughts of nosey avocados dampened my adventurous spirit a bit, so I grabbed the fixings for tacos as a backup plan.

In the end, I just went ahead and made the tacos; the predictable wins me over every time. My avocado is sitting on my counter looking rather forlorn, so every now and then I walk by and give it a friendly, evaluative squeeze. “I think you’re getting nosier,” I tell it, and I’m pretty sure I don’t sound crazy at all.