My weekend was originally projected to be a slow one. I’d scheduled one on-the-fly coffee date with an old friend I’d just learned was in town, but the rest of my time was loosely reserved for naps and Netflix. Late on Friday night, though, I learned my sister had pneumonia. Since she lives alone and is only a few minutes down the road, I stepped into the role of caretaker while my parents (who live in South Carolina) called my phone every hour or so to parent vicariously. Suddenly my weekend consisted of running back and forth to my sister’s apartment to bring groceries, do laundry, and assist with her medicine. I was glad to be nearby and able to help, but the unexpected twist in my weekend was by its nature a pretty exhausting one.

With a couple of days of antibiotics in her and lots of rest, my sister is on the mend and feeling much better. In the middle of all the bustling around, somehow I was still able to grab that cup of coffee with my friend. I arrived early and found myself with thirty minutes alone, sitting out in the warm sun and sipping on my caramel latte. It was a peaceful moment–a luxury I originally assumed would stretch across my entire weekend, but one I appreciated more because I was mistaken. So of course I snapped the ubiquitous iPhone shot of my coffee cup and Instagrammed it. Such is the modern life.

I am happy to report that, even with a crazy weekend behind me, I managed to wake up early pretty easily this morning. I believe I am slowly adjusting to it, which is something I never thought I’d say.

Mondays, however, will always be jarring. And there’s just no avoiding that.