It’s difficult for me to believe, but the end of this month marks one full year since I packed up and moved to Atlanta with only a week’s notice. One thing I’ve purposely avoided doing is the “new home tour” on the blog–mainly because I wasn’t ready for that kind of transparency. There was a phase when my living room seating was George’s cat apartment, my dishes were paper, and my only option for cooking was a single frying pan. Also, my location and lack of natural light render my apartment pitch black at all times of the day, or a dim yellow if are lights are on. Neither lend itself to picture taking.

Slowly, I made big girl purchases (hello dear couch), frugal “for now” buys (everything Ikea, I’m talking to you), and gratefully accepted whatever anyone was willing to give to me for free. I switched out generic bulbs for softer lighting and scored a pretty lamp at Home Goods to make my home less dungeon-like (success!). However, between garage sales, higher end stores, and even Ikea, I could not find a living room chair that could satisfy both myself and my budget. I resigned myself to the fact that if I ever invited more than one person over at a time, we’d either be sitting shoulder to shoulder on the couch or overflow would be left on the floor to be molested by my pets. I then resolved that issue by simply never inviting anyone over. All the while, I dreamed of a chair.

Cut to one year later and a few weeks back, when I stumbled into an antique store and spied this:

Barrel back chair

The fabric, although in good condition, is old and the cushion, although tremendously comfortable, is in need of a re-stuff. But I fell in love with the barrel-back shape, and the price was just right. The very next day it was sitting in my living room, and I believe my new home is finally complete.* I may even put a picture on this blog soon.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m done. I’m obsessed with the idea of having that chair reupholstered, and will be saving my pennies and burying myself in fabric shops on the weekends until the stars all align and I can make it happen.

But there’s plenty of time for all of that. And that’s a post for another day.

*Bold-faced lie. I have a million things I want to do to my apartment.