Somehow, my morning routine has devolved into hitting snooze every thirty minutes until I’m finally eye to sleepy eye with the “no choices” zone. No choice but to get up; no choice but to wear that one clean, hardly wrinkled shirt; no choice but to get out the door if it’s going to happen at all. Big thumbs down to the tone it sets for the rest of my day.

And so, lately I’ve been trying to push my roll-out-of-bed moment up 1-2 hours. There are many grand schemes accompanying this plan: breakfast, pilates, writing, and looking awesome not-frazzled. All I can tell you with any honesty at the moment is that progress has been slow. I’m still bargaining with my alarm clock for up to an hour.  The internal conflict about wanting coffee but not wanting to get up to push that one button (so exhausting) that grants me coffee is a daily nuisance. But so far in the year of 2013 and the world of waking early, I have achieved:

Breakfast: 1 day
Adequate time put into clothes and such: 3 days
Writing: 1 day, and you’re looking at it
Pilates: 0

As I said, progress is slow. But this post is a step in the right direction. Sorry for the two month lapse. It happens, you know?