Is it just me or are owls everywhere? It’s taken me a couple of months for this realization to finally bubble up out of my subsconcious, but it’s true. I can’t turn a corner without running into woodland creatures on everything… and mostly owls seems to be the animal of choice. The sorority girl in me associates them with Chi Omega (this is where the 19-year old me might flash the ZTA crown and break into a fervent house cheer). Apart from that, I have mixed feelings about how these little guys are suddenly perched on every retail shelf. It’s clearly targeted to a very specific demographic: the vaguely artistic, quirky, youngish anyone who likes shopping at Anthropologie. I can’t help but be drawn to them a little bit (I mean, I adore Anthropologie). I suppose one little owl tucked unsuspectingly in your home is whimsical and woodsy and cute. But if everyone is suddenly wearing owls, and sipping tea out of owls, and reading books by the light of an owl… it just begins to seem a little batty. <—- Yes, that’s me mixing metaphors and I don’t give a hoot. 

Owl tell you where I found all these:

1. Owl Lamp // 2. Owl Candleholder // 3. Owl Cookie Jar // 4. Owl Bookends // 5. Owl Doorstop // 6. Owl Sweater