Sometimes pets are gross and stressful. Yesterday such a day with George. I came home after work to find he’d coughed up a hairball on my bed (ugh!). After I stripped the bed to sanitize everything in the wash, I returned to my room to find he’d peed on my mattress.

PEED ON MY MATTRESS. What deviant kind of mutiny is this??

Thankfully, I had a plastic-backed mattress cover on the bed, so I just had to throw that in the wash, too. After a couple of long laundry cycles, I was able to make a fresh bed and climb in. George jumped up beside me and looked at me innocently as I glared back at him. I slept fitfully last night; every time I heard George move, I lurched straight up from the waist like a zombie, ready to swat him off the bed if he was in a tell-tale pee crouch. We got through the night without incident, however, and in the morning he was unusually congenial. While he snuggled (I’d say “we”, but I was still too wary of his motives), I couldn’t resist snapping a picture of the duplicitous fiend that likes to masquerade as a mere house cat during the daylight hours.