I set myself up for failure with the naming of this blog. Josie & George implies a certain level of exposure for George and yet he rarely makes a mention. Instead it’s mostly “Josie & more Josie”, which feels incredibly self-consumed (read all about what happened to me today…) and throws me into a tailspin of self-doubt (WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO READ ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED TO ME TODAY?) which then manifests itself into radio silence for a couple of weeks (cue writer’s block and existential crisis).

The answer, of course, would seem to be to supplement the blog with the other party sharing the billboard: George. The problem? Well, it’s three-fold:

  1. George is not photogenic. 9 times out of 10 he comes out as an inky blob. Anything more than that can be attributed to sheer luck and no talent on my part.
  2. George is boring. Even when he’s at his most interesting, he’s never really that interesting.
  3. I’d be blogging regularly about my cat. Which is fine, in theory, except for it’s not.

However lately I’ve been getting a lot more, “Who’s George?” Or even worse – “So is George your boyfriend?” (Folks, it gets awkward explaining that one.)

So I’m going to try to find a balance – enough George so that you know who George is (yes, my cat) – but not SO much George that I am the cat lady.

…Although now I realize I’ve just written a sort of frame post (a cat post about cat posts), which makes me want to slam my head into my keyboard in defeat.