Source: via Josie on Pinterest

Someone on Pinterest the other day asked me when I was going to Italy. It was a valid question since the board is named “Planning a Trip to Italy.” I explained there really was no trip; I made the board as a means of motivation to saves up the funds – an endeavor that hardly got off the ground before being permanently put aside in favor of paying bills. It was a good reminder, though, that sometimes I dream about sitting by the fountains in Rome or taking a food tour in Bologna. And of course, there’s Cinque Terre. 

Today I received my first real credit card in the mail. I mean, I’ve had one, but it’s a puny student card; one busted windshield and that sucker was maxed out for a month. I breathed in the power as I held this new card in my hands. My first thought was, “Hello there, ticket to Italy!” Completely insane, right? That’s what power does to me. Thankfully, by the time I exhaled, bills, budgets, and the like started their ticker-tape across my brain. One day, though, I’m going to take a trip. A real one. And I won’t have to go broke to do it. I’m looking forward that day.

In the meantime, I’m doing my homework in the money department.  I’m trying to stick to a budget and, I don’t know, maybe even stash up some savings if I’m feeling really crazy. I even bought a book on the subject. Last weekend I discovered that when reading about FICO scores and low index mutual funds and compounding interest (zzzz), doing so while basking in the sun makes everything amazingly bearable. The best part is that if your eyes start to glaze over that formula for computing your total taxable income (kill me now), you can sort of wave your hand across your brow (because that sun is just oh so glaring) and convince yourself that your retinas just need a rest from the hot white reflection of your page. Your brain isn’t blowing a fuse at all.