So, the biggest adjustment to living alone is watching tv alone. Truly. For roughly seven years, I’ve been coming back from class or work or wherever to meet up with Leisel in front of the television, sit in our respective spots with dinner resting on our laps, and watch our current entertainment lineup. We’d comment on the clothes, debate which fictional men were the all-around dreamiest, and repeat to each other our favorite funny lines roughly ten seconds after we first heard them. This happy roommate scenario was always a brief one. To say the television lulls Leisel to sleep is an understatement because the effect is more akin to someone getting a mallet across the forehead. Sometimes, the mysteriously soporific combination of the television and couch had her sleeping soundly on impact. If I were lucky, though, we’d dialogue our way through an entire episode before I looked over to see Leisel’s face molded to the couch pillow. Either way, it was another slice of my Birmingham routine that I expected and enjoyed for years.

Here in Atlanta I haven’t had much time for television, but as tonight was New Girl, I decided to make the time. Like everything in Georgia so far, I’m having to find a new routine and it’s a work in progress. I still rested my dinner plate on my lap, but I was perched atop George’s cat apartment instead of sitting on the sofa that doesn’t arrive until tomorrow. I still laughed at all of Zooey’s quirky lines, but had no one to repeat them to or even anyone to poke awake.

So I was pleased to get a text from Leisel in the middle of some highbrow humor involving Zooey Deschanel and a bidet. Throughout the rest of the episode we texted each other our favorite lines roughly ten seconds after we first heard them and talked about which men on the show were the dreamiest; it was comforting to know that even though I’m loving all of the newness these days, some things can stay the same.

A dermoptera, come to find out, is a flying lemur. I meant "Dermott Mulroney", who is a million times better than a lemur of any kind.