I finally have Internet. It’s wonderful to be able to read a full-sized webpage and not have to squint at my phone screen.

Today makes 20 days that I’ve been in Atlanta, which seems a little hard to believe. So hard to believe, in fact, I had to pull out the calendar and do a little counting on my fingers. Tomorrow marks one month from my whim of an interview, which led to my moving to Atlanta 9 days later. I packed up and drove off on Leap Day, and somewhere between Birmingham and Atlanta I decided it was as fitting a time to start a new life as any.

First glimpse of my new (old) city. And I clearly couldn't resist a cheesy instagram filter.

I have a new apartment, a new job, and am falling into a new routine. I’m encountering new faces, new streets, and new sides of myself. I sat down tonight with the intention of rehashing the entire relocation story from beginning to end, with all the little details and anecdotes in-between. However, now that I’m sitting here (on my floor, as the couch does not arrive until Wednesday) I don’t really want to do that anymore. Instead, I just want to keep moving forward and let my friends who read this blog jump in along with me. I hope that’s okay.

In the meantime, here are some facts about my new life:

I’ve accepted a temp job (yes, I moved for a temp job) sitting at the front desk of a really cool company called Unboundary. It’s filled with cool people that do cool work and I hope a little of their coolness rubs off on me.

I get lost on the streets of Atlanta every time I wander off my daily path, despite having grown up about 20 minutes north of my current location.

I have a gas stove and oven that perpetually have me waiting on some subconscious level for the building to explode (obviously).

Of course, after living with my trusty roommate Leisel for 7 years (along with all the many wonderful friends I left behind in Birmingham) living in a new city alone is an adjustment. That’s okay, though, because quite frankly I intend to relocate all of my Birmingham friends to Atlanta. Problem solved.