Life has been crazy busy. It feels like crunch week before exams. The long and short of it is I interviewed for a job on a whim in Atlanta on February 20th and moved into my Atlanta apartment on February 29th. Since the 20th, I haven’t had time to do anything but check the next item off the list, but every now and then I stop and think, “I live in Atlanta” and I get a little twinge of bittersweet excitement. I don’t have internet at the moment (or chairs or flatware or hey, money), but I have cookies and a Keurig and whatever WiFi I can leech off my phone as a lifeline. In a week’s time, things are supposed to even out for me across the board. By then, surely there’ll be plenty of new things to write about. In the meantime, this has been keeping me going:

I think I love you. Don't ever stop doing what you do.