You may remember the nugget we plucked out of a tree back on a rainy night in October. She was far too young to be away from mommy and terrified of us. Naturally, Leisel and I were thrilled to have a baby. It was decided that if she could survive those first few weeks being snuggled to death, she would do nicely at The Villa. She did, in fact, survive all the squeezes and kisses and now rules the roost. We still snuggle her when we can get our hands on her, which isn’t often, as she is constantly darting around and climbing doorways and occasionally dangling from our legs by her very sharp kitten claws. Charmin, it turns out, is her biggest foe, and she takes great pleasure in ripping that unraveling monster to fluffy shreds. She also has a soft spot for Downton Abbey, which solidifies her place as one of the girls here.