I was going through my daily morning routine of scrolling through my Google Reader before catching up on work emails (priorities, people), when I stumbled across the latest post from Cup of Jo (who I personally feel hijacked what would have been a good name for MY blog, but I’ve decided to be the bigger person and not hold it against a perfect stranger). I was sipping coffee daintily, one eye on my computer screen, when I gave a very indelicate snort that caused coworkers to poke their heads in to check on me. I waved them along (nothing to see here, people) and then hunkered down to have a good chuckle. Because this is exactly how I feel, always.

Last night Leisel and I were out with friends, sipping on our adult beverages of choice, and letting our conversation ramble where it may when the subject of Valentine’s Day came up. I know it’s so cliché for a single girl to hate Valentine’s Day, but people: I hate Valentine’s Day. I always have. My earliest memory of the day was watching the boy I had a mad crush on in the 1st grade give my best friend a truly awesome teddy bear and box of chocolates. I, meanwhile, received the generic array of conversation hearts and Power Ranger valentines from my classmates. I hate conversation hearts. It was then and there that my seven-year-old self realized Valentine’s Day was some kind of baloney.

This latent bitterness has accompanied me through the years, for better or for worse. The last time I was dating someone during that loaded time of year, I requested we just entirely skip over observing it. He eyed me and worried it was a “woman trick,” but I looked him in the eye and told him I was entirely sincere: Valentine’s Day can die.

This year, I don’t have anyone to kill Valentine’s Day for me, which obviously makes me hate it more… and Leisel has to wait until the following weekend to celebrate it with her beau (Leisel is pro-V Day all the way. If it were up to Leisel, every day would be Valentine’s Day). So while we were sipping on mojitos and talking about the 14th, Leisel’s eyes lit up.

“We should celebrate Valentine’s Day together! You and meeee!”
“Are you insane?”
“We could watch Cougar Town! And Glee! And New Girl! And get a drink at…”(indistinguishable)
“We could get a drink where?”
“At our home.”
“At our apartment?”
“So for Valentine’s Day you want to sit at home and watch tons of tv and drink?”

So, it’s to be a normal night, then. I have to say… I’m pretty excited about it.