Okay, seriously folks, why didn’t anyone gently tell me that my last post was basically just a rehash of a previous one? I was mildly put out to discover that I had, in fact, unwittingly reblogged. However, that’s what I get for scrolling through my drafts and just pressing ‘publish’. You caught me being lazy. Oh, well. Those of you who know me know that I am, in fact, lazy.

It is a gray day, but despite that I’m in a pretty good mood. This morning I stepped on the scale to find myself a pound or so lighter, which gave me every freedom (in my mind) to eat Moe’s for lunch today.

Also, today during a work email with some guy in the UK, I was pleased to discover he said wonderfully British things like, “Cheers!” and “Proper wonderful!” It made me want to sip tea and say, “pip pip” or other similar stereotypes that would doubtlessly bring me endless joy. Just thinking about it, in fact, has added to my happnesss quotient for the day.

Other than that, life goes on as usual. Last night I watched the documentary Buck about the man who was the inspiration for Paul Newman’s character in The Horse Whisperer.

I actually knew about Buck Brannaman many years ago, not from the movie, but because he’s a bit of a celebrity in certain circles of horse world (yes, I just said that). Back when I had horses, I collected horse magazines and veraciously read books about handling and training them (YES, okay? I was that girl, moving on). One of those books was a Buck Brannaman book.  Although I can no longer remember the title of it, I was completely absorbed by his stories and methods. I’d long since forgotten all about the book, the man, and his way with horses until I stumbled across this documentary. You probably have to at least like horses to watch this movie, but I don’t think you need to be a rider or anything to appreciate what an interesting man this guy is. It’s a Netflix Instant Watch and I enjoyed it very, very much.