It’s 11 am and two Coca-Colas and two bacon cheddar biscuits later (ugh), I am still hardly awake.

Last night I had a dream that I was living with a German family by the name of Statz who all spoke with a refined English accent and lived in the Italian countryside. They were kind and very wealthy, with servants and such, and the butler allowed me to try on a fancy boa–which to my displeasure turned out to actually be a boa constrictor. I politely let it rest on my shoulders for a millisecond (so as to appear refined and accustomed to such things as wrapping snakes around my neck) before desperately lifting the wretched thing away and handing it back. I woke up with a very vivid impression of how it felt to lift the smooth, scaly weight of serpentine muscle off the back of my neck. It wasn’t an unpleasant or scary dream, just an odd one. I couldn’t help feeling a little amused upon waking with my little subconscious feather boa/boa constrictor confusion. Just a random, pointless detail of my morning for you.

Despite the elaborate dream (or maybe because of it), I never really felt like I truly got to sleep last night. The morning has been scattered, unproductive, and I’m feeling bleh.

I am waiting eagerly for the clock to hit 11:30 so that I can take an early lunch. Since my breakfast was so nutrient rich, I feel like I can bypass lunch without really missing it and instead enjoy a glorious solid-hour nap. Surely then I can come back revigorated and ready to tackle the day, yes?

I’m inclined to believe yes.