So, it’s my birthday today. That’s me at a wedding this past weekend. You know, back when I was 25.

This is me sitting, which suits me because I've had lots of practice.

Birthdays in the Facebook age are pretty amazing. Back in the old days, you had to hope that word got around in school that it was your birthday so that you could get a little love from your peers. You’d get a few “Happy birthdays” in the hall and maybe a small token of friendship here and there. However, since 5 A.M. this morning my phone has been blowing up with Facebook well-wishes. Even though I was sort of sleeping, every time my phone buzzed I couldn’t help but peek with one eye and think, “Who ELSE loves me?” Seriously, it’s hard not to get a big head on your birthday when you have Facebook. 

On the other hand, photos keep popping up on Facebook from the wedding mentioned above and I look ri.dic.u.lous. in all of them. In the beginning I was a dancing fool without a care in the world (especially not in regards to how I looked with my limbs flailing all about and the idiotic facial expressions I was making), and then towards the end I was hot, sweaty, barefoot, and slumped over in exhaustion. It’s come to my attention that neither are good looks for me and I’m de-tagging photos just as quickly as my little fingers can click.

So that’s pretty much keeping me on an even keel. I’m 26, feeling loved, and being reminded that no girl who is 5’9″ should ever try dancing in public if a camera is present.

(However Scobey Photography did the professional photography for the wedding and I can’t wait to see their pictures of everything [especially the beautiful bride, Katie] because they are crazy talented. They are also old school friends, so I am trusting them to overlook any pictures at the reception where I look like I’m having a stroke.)