I woke up this morning so sure it was Friday. Imagine my disappointment about 15 minutes into the workday. It is payday, though. That softened the blow considerably. JCrew came out with its fall catalog and money is burning a hole my pocket once again. Trying to keep my eye on the prize, though (Italy, Italy, Italy). There’s also a wee voice saying, “new clothes, new clothes, new clothes.” We’ll see what wins out.

Also softening the blow of having an entire extra day left at the office: sausage balls. We hosted a work event last night and our office fridge is now stuffed to the gills with sausage balls, goat cheese, and those little mini quiche things. So I’m happily chomping away and singing a medley of “Annie” songs between bites. I don’t know where the Annie songs came from, but it just feels right. Thankfully the coworker who shares my office, rather than being annoyed, has opted to chime in and sing a verse or two as well. I already like her a lot, but this endears her greatly to me.