As it usually goes, I’d been personally excelling in the arena of being frugal for several weeks until the bug bit. I wanted new things. So many new things! I found myself at Target (this girl’s shopping blackout compromise) and bought two pairs of wedges, including the one pictured above. They are, I don’t mind admitting, ridiculously high and treacherous to walk in, but they make my feet look oh-so-pretty.

Some friends of mine were hosting a little shindig the other night and I used it as the perfect excuse to break out my new shoes. I opted to swing by Walgreens at the last minute to buy some lawn chairs (it was an outdoor event), when I noticed two old ladies in motorized wheelchairs puttering down a residential lane. As I pulled into the Walgreens parking lot, I noticed with some concern that one of the women had gotten her wheelchair stuck in the gutter of the road. It was 90 degrees outside and they had no one accompanying them for situations precisely like this one.

“Do you need any help?” I asked as I carefully picked my way over to them.
“Ohhhh… I love your shoes,” was the first thing the oldest (and not stuck) woman said. She was at least pushing eighty, entirely unconcerned about the plight of her companion, and eyed my wedges with a smile. “Such beautiful shoes!”
“Well, thank you,” I smiled. “Does your friend need help?” She shrugged and grumbled. I inched closer to the other woman, who was younger, maybe 60. Her wheels were spinning in some sand and she tried to sweetly explain her predicament, but her shoe-loving companion spoke over her answer:

“I told you to watch where you were going!”
“I’m stuck on a rock…” her friend replied.
“Oh, hurry up. If the police come and arrest you for driving on this road, I’m not going to have anything to do with it!”
“I never did get my driver’s license.”
“You most certainly did not. Now let’s scoot. Look at me–I can drive better backwards that you can forwards.”

Finally, the wheelchair was extricated from the sand, and I left the two women to continue down the street alone. The younger rolled obediently forward while the older wheeled backwards to flaunt her superior scootering skills. I waved goodbye and headed back towards Walgreens. They did not thank me, but the old woman yelled after me with a wagging finger, “I love your shoes!”  Which felt just as nice.

Edit: I wore those stupid shoes for an entire day and I was miserable.  Going to try to return them.