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Fancy and I essentially had our own lingo all throughout high school and college. I suppose I could pass this off like we were super cool back in the day, but personally (and I can’t speak for Fancy, but this is just me, here) I’m actually having flashbacks of retainers and friends attacking me with tweezers, flatirons, and good shoes.

:: shudders:: (thank you, old friends, for taming me)

Anyway, moving right along… Fancy and I had a misunderstanding a few weeks ago that involved one of our long-forgotten terms and it took me back in time. I’d almost forgotten about some of the words and phrases I once sprinkled overzealously throughout my vocabulary. I share them with you now.

NCMO |nic·mo|

An acrostic of letters used as a noun to denote a Non-Commital Make-Out.
(i.e: Casanova isn’t calling you the next day–or perhaps ever–and you don’t really care.)

Origin: Sophomore year of college.

“He’s not the kind of guy I want to date, but I wouldn’t mind a NCMO.”

I was originally going to say neither of us had many, if any, NCMO’s (just what kind of girls do you think we are? Don’t answer that.) but I double-checked with Fancy and hoo boy am I forgetful these days:

I tip my hat to you, Fancy. Well done.

Interdigitate |in·ter·dijit·tate|

To hold hands with another person in such a manner that fingers are entwined. Supremely more significant and superior an occurrence in comparison to the rather bland “cupping” option of holding hands (i.e., like that of leading a child).

Origin: Our attendance to a private Church of Christ prep school, where interdigitation between a boy and a girl was simply unimaginably exciting (for us, anyway, sheltered as we were; I can’t speak for the rest of the horndogs in high school). I think we heard a math teacher use it once, and we took it a step further and used it all.the.time.

“Let me know if you two interdigitate tonight.”
[trans.] “Was there interdigitation?”

We were young, what can I say.

Fantabulous |fan·tab·you·luss|

A blending of the words “fantastic” and “fabulous”. We don’t believe in wasting words.

Origin:  high school parking lot, at some point.

“Uh! You look fantabulous!”

Wow, it pains me to admit that one. 

Soakin’ Good: |so-kin-good|

A word used when something is just fantabulously good.

Origin: High school, if you’re not yet noticing the trend. I believe a young cousin of Fancy’s coined the phrase as a mispronunciation of the old Sonic catchphrase, “It’s Sonic good”. Fancy’s cousin may have grown out of it, but it stuck with us for a few too many years.

This isn’t just good; this is soakin’ good.”

Seriously, someone needed to stop us.

And finally the phrase…

About as cool as a pair of black jean shorts.

Because we viewed black jean shorts as the epitome of uncool.
Still mostly true.

So there it is, an unsolicited slice of my teenage years. You’re welcome.