It’s 2 AM and I’ve just (mostly) finished the spring updates for, so go check it out. I’m slowly learning my way around code and photoshop and crap. And when I say slowly, I mean painfully slowly.

The reason I’ve disappeared is because I’ve been buried under work, birthdays (Leisel’s and Greta’s!), and bridesmaids related shindigs. In truth, I may be around a lot less for a little while. Then again, every time I say such things I’m overcome with blogging desire, so it’s a coin toss, really. But seeing as how I actually just wrote “toin coss” and had to go back and correct myself… let’s go with I’m taking a break.  I’m tuckered!

Headed out in the morning to D.C for several days… I’ll be road-tripping it with a coworker and then manning a booth at some home and garden show. We’re driving. It’s like a 13 hour drive. Want to know how cool we are? Another Harry Potter book on tape from the library. 26 hours of Harry Potter pleasure. That actually sounds a little lecherous, but you know what I mean.

Oh, Pioneer Woman blogged about our magazine the other day. Too tired to say more at the moment, but holy cow. It’s been pretty awesome.

Ok, nite.