I went to work today cursing the cold, but not thinking much more about it.

By 2 p.m. I was fighting the crowd in the grocery store to get one bag of godforsaken cat food. Of course I would run out of cat food the morning of Sleet Day.

I totally missed the memo we were expecting inclement weather today. Caught me entirely off guard. It was a stealth holiday and I loved it. And I felt kind of guilty that Alabama got to have a half day because of a little wintry mix when a third of our country has been legitimately locked down in blizzards. Oops.

But I loved every icy minute. I came home and found Leisel armed with fudge-stuffed chocolate chip cookies. We watched An Education because she hadn’t seen it yet and needed to do so.

It didn’t start out that lovely, though. At first we thought, “Barbra Streisand musical we’ve never heard of? Sure.”

On a Clear Day You Can See Forever. Even the title is trippy. And it’s ensconced in a cloud. No, really. See?

Something about a psychic girl who channels a 19th century woman who the present day psychiatrist falls in love with (the 19th century woman, not the psychic girl who can make flowers grow unusually fast)… set to music. And 19th century clothes with a 70’s spin. And Barbra. It’s everything it sounds like and more. We only made it about 15 minutes into it.

Can’t win ’em all, I guess.