I saw this record player (I’ve learned it’s actually called a “turntable”) on some blog somewhere months ago, and I immediately coveted it. I googled every variation of descriptive adjectives I could think of to find where I could purchase it, but eventually gave up hope of finding this particular one. I was doing some last minute Christmas shopping in Urban Outfitters when I gleefully stumbled across it. I voiced my desire to own it to a few friends, and they all had the same reaction: you will never use it.

It’s probably true. I have iTunes on my computer, an iPod, an iHome, and more iTunes on my iPhone. Why buy a record player… and then have to buy records to play on your record player… just for the novelty of it?
Another expensive whim. I’m noticing a trend.

I can’t help it. I have memories of my mom playing records on a turntable while she did the dishes… the soundtrack to Oliver!, Frank Sinatra, and there may have been some Barbara Streisand in there, too. My mom would handle the vinyl records, but I was allowed to put the needle down. I liked to watch the record labels spin around and around and listen to the crackle of the vinyl.

I’m connecting the dots between this post and my last random want post, and I guess it all comes down to childhood nostalgia. Am I still too young for that?

Anyway, I may never be able to justify this particular purchase, but a girl can dream, right? Just like I’m in love with the idea of riding a pretty bike around town, I’m in love with the idea of doing chores around the apartment accompanied by the slightly static sound of Dino or Sinatra on this very pretty, vintage-looking record player.

So sue me.

On another note, I could only think of one song with “record” in it, the sure-to-get-stuck-in-your-head “You Spin Me Round.” Surely there are more?