In the span of 48 hours, I’ve accepted the position of “bridesmaid” two times.

Bride #1: Katie. AKA “Piddlefoot.”

Katie and I were friends in high school. We bonded in French class when we learned we both used the same kind of inhaler and had the same love for Mr. Rochester. In short, we realized we were the two coolest people in the room.

We ended up going to the same university and decided to be roommates. Without a single car between us and not connecting very well with the Samfordites (the Samford girls were an entirely new breed to us), we found ourselves joined at the hip. I dubbed her Piddlefoot the night she groggily walked into the community bathroom and stepped into someone’s drunken wee-hours-of-the-morning, wee-bit-off-aim puddle o’ piss (it was funnier freshman year at 2 AM, but the nickname has endured the test of time).

It was the dawn of Facebook, as well as our first year in college, so we took to documenting every millisecond of our lives in photographs. Alas, I’ve been through two computers and at least four computer crashes since then, so I have little to show for it. The picture below was our first weekend weekend away from Samford at an Auburn tailgate.

Any time with Katie is a good time, so I’m pretty excited about all of the wedding festivities ahead!

Bride #2: Lindsay.  AKA My “Sketchiest” Roomie.

Towards the end of my sophomore year of college, I decided I wanted to stay in Birmingham for the summer. So I walked into Film History one day and just generally announced to the room, “Anyone need a roommate this summer?” One girl raised her hand. We agreed to room together and I just hoped it would work out. And it did.

We look back at the two summers we roomed together as our “sketchy summers.” In all honesty, I can only think of a time or two where we really fit that bill (not that I’m going to tell you about it). But the nights most prominent in my memory include jigsaw puzzles, singing to the apartment cat, hysterical roach killings, and taking puppies in off the street. I loved every minute.

The day after she got engaged? We got on the humane society website first (“settled” means time to adopt a pet!), and looked at wedding dresses second. One of the many reasons why we’re friends.

I’m ready and excited for all the wedding festivities this year.
Well, let me lose a few pounds first.
But mostly, I’m ready.