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Do you ever go about life and suddenly realize that one word, or theme, or subject keeps popping up around you more than usual? I, for one, had never heard of the movie An Education until about a week ago. And since then, it’s been everywhere.

It actually started with the movie About a Boy. Netflix constantly kept it at the forefront of my recommendations. Then one day my coworkers talked about how much they loved the movie. And so I watched it. It turned out that I enjoyed it, too.

Somewhere, someone  (not for the lack of trying, I cannot remember precisely who or where) voiced the brilliant advice to look up the writers of your favorite movies on IMDB–odds are good that you will like many other movies written by the same hand. And for me that was the first of it: The script for An Education was written by the same man who wrote the script for About a Boy. A day or two later, DesignSponge wrote a fun post about An Education, too. A day after that, I noticed it in my Netflix recommendations. And a day later, Leisel mentioned she’d been wanting to see it. So last night, banking on an office delay due to weather conditions (wrong), I began An Education at 11 pm.

Even though I stayed up far too late and am currently only functioning with the assistance of my second third gigantic mug of coffee in under an hour, I’m glad I did it. If you haven’t seen it, I am officially recommending it to you. The clothes and makeup alone were enough for me. Wow, that was so girly of me to say, but hey. It’s true.

Although perhaps don’t watch it right before you go to bed because it led to very strange dreams where I was involved with an older man while I was in high school. We walked around a pool while all of my classmates sat in the water and judged me. Also, I was in possession of a wonderfully handsome horse named Smiley.

The latter part, at least, I wish were true.