These are a sample of the many cookies I baked this Christmas. On the left are the cucidati– Italian fig cookies that my family seems to love and clamor for, but which I myself will not touch. Figs are rather ugly looking and I never cared for Fig Newtons. On the right are “S” cookies, which is what I called the anise cookies my grandmother would send to us when I was little. They are delicious, and I do tend to eat quite a few of them after I’ve gone through all the trouble to make them. My mother made a pumpkin pie, my father made a mince meat pie (only he will touch it), and I also made slice and bake chocolate chip cookies one night on a whim. There were also Whoppers and M&Ms in the house. In other words, we’re all sure to go into a sugar coma any day now.

And my pants don’t fit.