This evening after coming home from work, I collapsed over the side of the couch and schlumped into a comfy position. Helga and Leisel were also hanging around in a similar manner, and we discussed our days and our Christmas plans as we lazed about. While half of my attention was focused on our conversation, I had one eye on my cell phone and one hand was texting wildly away. I paused, though, when my brain shorted momentarily.

The last text I’d received read, “I’ll call you tomorrow and let you know what the plan is.”
My gut reaction was to respond, “Holla!”

But then I paused. Because 1) Where in the world did that come from?  2) I don’t really know what “holla” means.

I explained my odd impulse to my roommates.
Helga shakes her head no. “Don’t write that. Just don’t.”
Leisel just laughs and starts pumping her hands up to the ceiling. “I think it kinda means ‘Yea Yeaaaa!”

I officially signed off with “Sounds good, thanks.”

We are so very white here in the 2601.