I would just like to confess that under the stress of a hectic morning, I decided I needed candy. Stress and PMS, actually.
Okay, this all make so much more sense now that I’ve had that realization. But still, the fact remains:

I now have 2 bags of Skittles in my purse (the Wild Berry variety and the original flavor because I absolutely could not decide what kind of Skittles mood I was in). And the contents of a king sized Hershey’s Cookies & Cream bar is in my tummy. Because I couldn’t decide between fruity chewy or creamy chocolatey.

Oh, and a pack of chewy Sweet Tarts is sitting in my stomach, too. Because I hadn’t eaten any of those babies in ages.
And actually, it’s more like 1 1/4 bags of Skittles in my purse. The original flavored Skittles won.

About to go to an hour long workout class with all that sugar sitting like a lump in my tum tum.

It’s going to be a big ball of fun, I can just tell.