“I’m gonna marry Peter White. If Peter White is a wolf, I’m gonna be a wolf. But hopefully he’s gonna be a prince, and we’re hoping he’s gonna be MY prince, aren’t we Josie?” – Eve, who is 5.

Eve does not ask if you are married or have a boyfriend; she asks if you’ve found your “prince.” This is a question she asks me occasionally, along with the follow-up question (the sullen “no” doesn’t faze her), “Can I be your flower girl?” Yes, Disney has messed this girl up but good. It’s adorable, though. She is all girl, all pink and purple, all princess. And her favorite color is “gold glitter.” The day I brought her gold glitter nail polish to play with, she nearly died. True story. Also, she is loyal. I’m not entirely sure about what she means with, “If he’s a wolf, I’m a wolf,” but I think it’s somewhere along the lines of “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.” Or “If you’re a vampire, I’m a vampire.” Or “If you’re a T-Bird, I’ll wear a black bodysuit and take up smoking.”


“Josie… if anyone ever is mean to you or tries to hurt you… I’m gonna… I’m gonna twist their wrist like that… if someone is mean to you or a bully… you tell me and I’m gonna… I’m gonna beat them up! For you. That’s what I can do.” – Jack, who is also 5.

Jack is your quintessential Southern boy. He likes bugs and fish, “silver war” soldiers and other types of heroes, and loves to cause mischief and get the laugh. He also is developing quite the macho, protective side to him if you couldn’t already tell. Don’t even get me started on the fact that he’ll swipe hair out of my face, look at me with his big blue eyes, and tell me I’m beautiful. It’s possible he was after an extra Spongebob cookie at the time, but Be. Still. My. Heart. The girls in his class who have never actually heard that line before don’t stand a chance. They are totally going to hand over all of their Spongebob cookies.

Okay, so I’ve met Peter White, this boy Eve is all up in arms about. Let me tell you, as five year old love interests go, he’s not all that.  I’ll bet he doesn’t even pick up bugs. I’ll bet he doesn’t even watch Spongebob. I’ll bet he doesn’t even know what a silver war soldier is. And my Jack- he simply has it all going ON for a 5 year old. Basically, I think he’s the perfect prince for my little princess.

Don’t worry. I’m on it.

Who recognized my Sleepless in Seattle reference in the title? Best movie everrrrr! Pretty decent early 90’s rom-com.