To be clear, it’s not snowing in Alabama. If that needed any clarification. I don’t know why it would. However, WordPress lets it snow the month of December on everyone’s blogs, and it’s a little thing that makes me very, very happy.

Makes me want to grab a hot cocoa and drop some marshmallows in it.

Side note, who feels like Glee has been The Kurt Show lately? The preaching and the drama was getting soporific for me after six successive shows or so. Last night was almost back to the Glee I loved– happy, fun, and giving everyone an equal chance to shine (and sing!!). Luckily, my coworker has purchased practically every Glee song on iTunes. After dragging through most of today in a fog, we finally had the brilliant idea to turn some of those tunes on. And now, well, everything is happy. Even if it’s 5 o’clock and so dark outside that I have to shuffle out to my car with my arms extended all zombie-like to make it safely across the driveway.