My parents called me yesterday to ask “what’s new?” Which is what they ask me everyday. To which I inevitably respond “nothing” because new things just don’t happen to me every single day.

And then I in turn say, “What’s new with you?” To which they always have something to say because they’re retired in a new city, in a new house, with endless recreational activities surrounding them. There’s always a story.

Last night, it was that Pasco had a run-in with an alligator.
That’s right, an alligator.
It lives in a lagoon behind my parents’ house.

It seems Papa was walking around the yard, trying to figure out where the new fence was going to go (to keep out the alligators, natch) when he accidentally nearly stepped on it. It being the alligator resting in the tall grass down by the lagoon.

Pasco jumped one way and luckily the alligator jumped into the lagoon.
But now Pasco thinks it’s hilarious. He’s named her Sally. Says she’s harmless.
I’m worried.