So, I think I mentioned my parents moved to Bluffton, South Carolina a few months ago. Packed up all the necessities, dumped the excess, and got the hay out of Atlanta. It’s still weird to me. I was looking at photos last night and I could see bits and pieces of my home for the past ten years in the background, and it was odd to think that house is empty at the moment.

In any case, this weekend I’m driving to Bluffton to see my parents’ new home, new town, and new life. And it truly is a new life they’re living down there: retired, in a massive neighborhood where you’re only allowed to take residence if you’re over the age of 50 (seriously, it’s like an old people club). I hear Mom is having the time of her life being the cute young thing at the gym. If I call them at any given time, they may be sitting on the beach, or they’re getting ready to go on a bicycle ride, or they’re raving about the “piano club” they visited (as in, they go into someone’s home and everyone takes turns playing the piano and leading a sing-along). And my personal favorite, I may call and end up listening to my mother gush over how she’s falling in love with my father all over again. It’s sweet.

And it’s no wonder because Pasco’s become quite the looker. I nearly ran off the road when I opened the email he’d titled “The New Look of Me” with the following attachment:

All my life, Pasco has been clean shaven. What with Loca Luna and this, I just don’t know what’s happening. I’m throwing up my hands in defeat because I just never know what to expect from these people anymore. So this weekend I’m off to see what the Gorton’s Fisherman did with my Papa and see what retired life is like for my folks.  In the process I’m excited to scope out the home, neighborhood, and beaches that my parents tell me are paradise.

For the record, they also told me to bring a “nice bathingsuit” (while my mother muttered in the background that she didn’t think I owned a “nice” bathingsuit) because the neighborhood is rife with dirty old men. Faaaabulous.

Little does Mrs. Cap know I do have a nice bathingsuit. So there.