These two conversations occurred in the same ten minute span as Leisel stood in my bedroom last night. It occurred to me later that we may have a problem.

Leisel in 6 weeks

Leisel: I was going to start that couch-to-5k exercise plan tonight, but then I went to dinner and it was like, ‘hello two bottles of wine.’ So I guess I’ll start tomorrow.
me: Well, you’ve got that date tomorrow night.
Leisel: Oh yeah. Okay, so I’ll start this weekend.
me: Ehh, your mom’s coming into town this weekend.
Leisel: Fine. Sunday’s the day.

West Elm Clover Duvet, $59

me: So I know I don’t need this, but check out the loveliness that is this $59 West Elm duvet. WEST ELM. FIFTY-NINE DOLLARS.
Leisel: You need it.
me: I really don’t. I bought that last twin duvet and look at me a year later, I can’t even use it because I have a queen now. Such a waste.
Leisel:  It would look great thrown across the foot of your bed with this new duvet.
me: Maybe I shouldn’t rush into anything. Maybe I’ll find something I like better.
Leisel: It’s backordered to September. A week from now, it’ll be sold out. You won’t find anything you like so much for such a good price. You’d basically be losing money if you don’t buy this.
me: You’re right. Might as well get some Euro shams, too. Where’s my wallet.