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When my parents decided to move to South Carolina, I had to swoop in and salvage anything I didn’t want getting purged out of the house. This was a daunting task to me because I’m the sentimental sort (I have a Auburn football ticket still sitting in my wallet from 2002), and it causes me no shortage of anxiety that my family does not seem to feel the same way. (“Do not, I repeat, do not throw away the metal balls that go inside the broken pachinko machine.”) So I combed through the house and rifled through all the drawers, closets, and tupperware bins to ensure nothing I valued might accidentally get tossed aside. This endeavor created two situations:
1) My mother muttered for days about the way I “descended like a vulture” and is now convinced I can’t wait for her to die so that I can collect the rest of the goods. (Not true, Mother, but thank you for your high opinion of me)
2) I found this:

This was my grandfather’s winding movie camera. As far as I can tell, there’s still film inside, and if my memory serves me correctly, it has images of cows on it. Of course, since my memory has my mother stretching the film across a lightbulb to see the images imprinted upon it, I am 99% certain that this particular home movie is unsalvageable. (This is why I feel the need to go in and save everything from my family’s disrespectful clutches!!) Still, it’s nice to know it’s in there.
I’m hoping to find a camera shop (an actual camera shop– do those exist anymore?) that might be able to tell me 1) if the film is beyond repair 2) if the camera itself still works.
If it does still work… I’m going to have so much fun playing with it!