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me: Something’s wrong with this washing machine. Come look.
Leisel: What’s wrong with it? Look’s okay to me.
me: Don’t you see?? The water is only filling up halfway!
Leisel: Well… it’s covering all the clothes. Seems okay.
me: No. No. No. I let the water fill up in the machine before I throw in my clothes. I ALWAYS LET THE WATER FILL. And I know what it looks like. And I should have a good three, four more inches of water in there. Something is wrong.
Leisel: Ehhhh…
me: This is serious. We’re going to need to call maintenance tomorrow. I can’t live like this.
:: Leisel reaches behind washing machine door and adjusts washload level from “extra small” to “extra large.” ::
Leisel: Or… you could just tell the machine you have a lot of laundry to wash. And it’s like magic. Fills right up.
me: …Dammit.

Don’t forget I taught you how to do laundry in college, Leisel. Don’t you forget it.