I’ve been dying for a new swimsuit. DYING.

J.Crew has been my go-to for years, but this year my standby let me down big time. Not because the swimsuits weren’t adorable. Oh, no. They were. But they were also all sold out. None in the stores. And only teeny tops and too large bottoms left online. In the ugly colors. On every. suit. I wanted.

So I’d given up. Decided I’d stick with my “meh” bikinis from years past and just suck it up (and in). I assuaged my disappointment by buying other summery J.Crew niceties and then decided on a whim to drop into Anthropologie just to take a sweeping look of their inventory. Just to see. Because that always goes so well for my bank account.

I flipped through the piddly little excuse of a bathingsuit section and nixed nearly everything I saw until I accidentally grabbed this:

hello, gorgeous.

I’ll be honest. I haven’t owned a one-piece since I was on the swim team… and I was in middle school. But I love everything about this suit. The flattering gathered fabric. The fact that is was on sale. The fact that I can wear it in front of my parents without them shaking their heads and muttering about indecency. The fact that I’d been admiring it on the website the day before and knew for a fact it wasn’t supposed to be available in stores and still cost twice as much online. Twice as much!!

The only thing I can figure is that someone ordered it online and then returned it to the store. And so I guess the store marked the price down to resell it.  Well… it just happened to be in my size. And basically, was meant for me. It was fate. So I bought it. And then I brought it home… and got online to double check my good luck… and discovered this:


Two different ways to wear it!

The other gorgeous color options made me pout for a split second, but only for the very smallest second– then I saw the full-priced pricetag and choked. Now I am back to happily hugging my new black half-price one-piece swimsuit and cackling with glee at my good luck. And now bragging to the blogosphere. My apologies.

But I just. can’t. help it.