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… Leisel and our friend Greta are sitting around waiting for the new Twilight movie, Eclipse, to make its midnight debut. I accompanied them to New Moon last time, and while I liked the experience for what it was, hell no way could you ever get me to go through all that again (not that they asked me… probably because they already knew the answer). Personally, I’ll wait for the inevitable home viewing when Leisel excitedly whips out the dvd.

So anyway, while Leisel and Greta are fighting manic teenagers for seats to see lots of prettily tanned Jacob chest and pasty, oddly nippled Edward chest (Okay… I cannot find a picture that proves my point, but take my word for it)… I am about to climb into bed and snuggle into my covers. And when Leisel reads this groggily tomorrow after coming in at 3 AM, I will smile at her, all bright eyed and bushy tailed. Because that’s the kind of friends we are. (Love you Lady Lala!)

Happy midnight movie watching, Leisel. Enjoy.

Oh, and I finally did find a picture after just cutting straight to point and Googling “Edward Cullen’s nipple” (time to start a list of things I never thought I’d Google):

via Robsessed

Mmhm. You see what I mean? He looks like the 102nd Dalmatian. I think one pup is already named Patch, so maybe we could just call him “Nip.”

Hopefully not dreaming of Edward’s hairy areola halo,