So I’ve been trying to eat better lately. I know, I know, I post that every other month or so, but yes, I’m back on that wagon. Technically. In theory. But the past few days have gone something like this:

“I’m going to eat all my meals at home. It’s cheaper, healthier.”
“…All this food seems so unappetizing to me. I’ll ask a coworker if they want to go to Baha Burger.”


“I’ll get apple slices instead of chips. This is such a good decision!”
“Okay, I’ll get apple slices and chips. At least I’m getting some fruit… and chips.”


“Whatever I do, I am not ordering my weekly root beer float tonight. Not. Gonna. Do it.”
“A shot of tequila followed by a lemon drop shot? Sounds like a fabulous idea. Brilliant, actually.”


“I’ll just go to the gym and spend 30 minutes on the elliptical. Quick and painless.”
“Is it my fault that the smokin’ hot rugby player running next to me wants to chat about Food Network? I’d better walk casually on the elliptical so as not to break a sweat or breathe too laboriously… because I LOVE Food Network!”

And for tomorrow? Lunch meeting at a Mexican restaurant. It is pretty much my job to eat chips and queso tomorrow, people. And I take my job seriously.

At least I have an incentive to go back to the gym again.