Last night I went to bed at 9 PM. Having a fabulous bed can make you do crazy things like that.
At 1:21 AM I woke up with one sudden breath and thought as my eyes popped open: Glee.

Wh…wha? What day does Glee happen? …. Wednesday. Glee happens Wednesay. What day is it? Uh… (Monday, Tuesday, We–) yep, yesterday was Wednesday. I missed it. I missed Glee.

How did that happen? I didn’t even give Glee a second thought yesterday. The sub conscious is a funny— how many hours did I sleep?

Four. I slept four hours. (four to five, five to six— oh, wait, no, that’s not right– one to two, two to three, three to four– crap I need fingers…) Seven hours until I need to wake up. Sevvvvennnn hourssss. I’m not really that awake. Maybe if I close my eyes and don’t move I’ll go right back to sleep…

I need to pee, dang it. Fine, whatever, if I go right back to bed and don’t turn on any lights, maybe I’ll go right back to sleep.

I’m thirsty. Blech, blech, GAH, I am so thirsty! Okay, quick glass of water, no lights, won’t wake up.

Maybe I’ll just see what drinks I have in the fridge… Milo’s tea. Hmmm…. it’s not sweet. Gross. Ooh, Fruit Punch Gatorade… eh. Hey, wait: maybe together it’ll be like raspberry tea. …It looks like raspberry tea. I am a genius. I am totally on to something. This is about to be one of those early in the morning, not entirely awake, simply brilliant ideas….

…this is awful. This is one combination that should never happen. This is one of those simply horrible, not entirely awake, early morning ideas. And now I’m awake. Bad. Bad all around. Just get back in bed.

Why is my alarm clock so bright? Really, that’s just truly unnecessarily bright. Where is the button? The button that makes it not so bright? Oh… I guess there is no not-bright-button. I guess I just need to stop staring at it. But those numbers, they really are very bright.

This is ridiculous, all of this. I’ll just get back in bed. Close my eyes. Go to sleep.

That tea thing was actually pretty funny. I’ll blog about it in the morning.

No, I won’t. I’m going to forget about all this in the morning. I should really blog it now.

But… okay, fine. Then I’m going to sleep.