I received my furniture yesterday and I’m SUPER excited about finally graduating from a twin bed with its two crummy mattresses stacked on top of each other (no box spring, you see) to a wonderfully roomy queen sized bed with a box spring and quality matress. Last night I slept like a baby- like a baby I tell you! –  in a real bed and my neck and back thanked me. I could swing out my legs or roll over and didn’t have worry about hitting anything or falling out of bed or accidentally kicking Mia to the floor (she hates that). I didn’t wake up to find my pillow or myself wedged into a crevice between the wall, cursing the fact that my old mattress had a penchant for slowly sliding off the bed. I could scoot down a little and my feet wouldn’t hang over the end, or I could inch up a bit and my head wouldn’t crack into the sideboard. In short, I’m in heaven and I slept so restfully that I slept an hour later than I was supposed to and barely made it to work. And I didn’t even care.

Of course, the downfall of having grown-up furniture in a college girl apartment is that everything is a bit… snug. All I can say is I’m super grateful I didn’t try to take the king sized bed from home when given the opportunity. As it is with the queen, I’m taking that photo while standing outside of my room because that’s the only way to get the entire bed in the picture. In fact, if you look at the bottom left side of that photo, you will see a bit of the doorway and get some perspective on how much my furniture is taking over my living quarters. Also squeezed into the room: a desk, a nightstand, and a dresser. Pretty much, you can sit in the middle of my glorious bed and lean out and touch every other piece of furniture on each of the four walls. But the POINT, my friends, is that it all fits and it’s all mine. And I am very, very, very happy and thankful.