So, my parents have decided to move. Like, MOVE move.  Away from Atlanta. That is an entirely separate post, so I’ll stick to the point. I’m in Atlanta for the night so I can collect all the things that I want to save from being dumped since my room will soon cease to exist. This has been sort of depressing but also highly amusing because it’s forced me to sift through years of belongings.

Tonight’s featured find:

My first grade “memory book.” Year: 1993. Grade: 1st. Age: 7 (if I counted on my fingers correctly)
And if you’re thinking 7 is too old to be in 1st grade, my mother made me take kindergarten twice, okay? August birthdays are tricky.

Each student in the class wrote a few sentences about their favorite memories from the year. I’ve selected a few tidbits for you Vanderlyn alum (ahem, Ansley, Virginia) to enjoy. And you should know there were school pictures of our 1st grade selves involved and because my iPhone takes crappy pictures I am such a good friend, I couldn’t chose not to post them on this blog. Dammit. You’re welcome.

“My favrote thing this year was the thanks giving feast. I was praslae the pupet. My mom helped make the jello. It was fun!” Ansley

(The best I can figure, Anz, you were Presley the Puppet. I would genuinely love to know what the heck a puppet was doing at the first Thanksgiving. Or any Thanksgiving for that matter. But I’m sure you were the best Thanksgiving puppet ever. Also, you were the only one to not sign my autograph page. Actually, you signed two letters. And then erased them. I feel like this might be a clue as to why I don’t remember you until 4th grade. You HATED me and I had to block out the rejection. WHO’S THE BAD GUY NOW.)

“School is fun!!!!! We have don meny esiting thigs.The thing I like best is the Thaksgiving feast. I like to eat the food. It was fun.
by Virginia

(Oh, V. The excessive exclamation points symbolize everything I remember about you in elementary school. I find the “by Virginia” to be a nice touch. Also, please note how you signed my autograph section. I believe this was the beginning of our horse crazy years.)

And then there was my own memory:

My fovrote thing this year was the Mothers Day play.My mom came to the play.. Some of us had cards.I had a card.My card had a fish on it.All I had to do was to shout FISH! I was nreves.Heather shouted HOTDOG! I wanted to cover my ears she said it so loud but I dint. Vrgina was alice in alices resterant. I think the play was fun.

I would just like to point out that my memory is miles longer than any one else’s memory in the class. And exceedingly well written. That extra year of kindergarten really did the trick.