… and got Netflix. They suckered me in the with the “one free month” offer and then doomed me for good when they sent me a disc that lets me stream movies onto my television thru the Wii (which will be the most exercise that thing has seen in months, let’s be honest). Up until now, I have been utterly opposed to Netflix on principle: I enjoy the process of walking up and down the aisles of a video store and being able to pick up a movie on a whim. I hate that video stores are becoming a thing of the past. But the waiting for the mail thing isn’t that bad I guess, and the insta-watch feature totally rocks. However, all of that pales in comparison to


Should I be embarrassed to admit this? Because I’m not. I am completely and utterly entranced. I sit there and click, click, click row by row and then rush back to the “Movie’s You’ll Love” feature to see what new movies are recommended. Gets me every time.

I think I just discovered how I’m going to keep wasting time After Facebook.