I feel like I’ve been a less than attentive blogger lately. I actually don’t feel too badly about this because most of the other blogs (at least, the ones I follow–and really, what else matters?) seem to be less than regular in their posts as well. I take great comfort in this–at least I’m in good company!

I think it’s normal this time of year; the sun is out, the cold has finally gone for good, flowers are blooming, and well… it’s spring. Never you mind that here in Alabama “spring” this year feels more like “smack dab in the middle of summer.” The point is, every season brings change, but springtime can’t help be associated with renewal and good things to come. Change is certainly going on in my life!

The highlight- for the past couple of years I’ve worked part-time at flower magazine as their web editor, and split up the rest of my days babysitting Eve and this bunch of handsome men. Tomorrow marks the end of my first week as a full-time web editor for flower, and I couldn’t be happier! (or more exhausted)

So, yeah, I’m a grown-up now. No big.

Lots of stories to tell; (I’m not so boring yet that nothing else is going on–can we say two kitchen fires in a month, anyone?? Don’t worry- both minor, everyone lived) I promise to be more attentive as I settle into my new routine. Maybe. Hopefully. We’ll see. I’ve the best of intentions, anyway.

Wishing you a happy, sunny weekend!