Today the weatherman excitedly told Birmingham about how the Tornado Index something or another was a frightening 9 out of 10— the highest EVER– and that tornado conditions were ideal. Having been in a tornado once (I survived Dunwoody Tornado ’98, woot woot! — and yes, our neighborhood made t-shirts that said that… minus the “woot, woot”), this of course sends me into a typical neurotic, flashlight wielding, weather channel watching state (this is a vast improvement from when I used to hide in the closet with blankets, my equally tornado wary  hound dog, and a radio…. did I just put that on the internet?… yep). Meanwhile, Leisel got all psyched over work being cancelled. She called it “Tornado Day” in a sing-songy, gleeful voice while I nervously looked up the satellite images of the storm cell.

But when the storms failed to make the windowpanes shudder or the ceiling cave in, I started to see her way of thinking. There was a large pizza split between the two of us, a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies baked, several Dr. Peppers consumed (I like the hard stuff), and an entire days worth of movies watched– The Jane Austen Book Club; The September Issue; and finally, (and you might say most importantly) The Office, Season 3.

The Office, Season 3– four discs— 9 hours and 30 minutes— of a wonderful show that I’ve actually just recently begun to appreciate. But I appreciate it now, friends. I appreciate it now.  At the end of disc 3, totally intrigued by Pam and Jim’s relationship and completely enthralled by Michael’s inappropriateness, I glanced out the window, confirmed the world hadn’t ended, and took Mia out to let go of everything she’d been forced to hold onto through all the life threatening, highly dangerous lightening we possibly might have experienced (I don’t know, I kept the blinds down). When we returned, I walked into 2601 to find Leisel sitting down to disc 4 of The Office.

me: What are you doing?
Leisel: Putting in the last disc.
me: Seriously? Do you really think we can we make it through?
Leisel: Ummm, we have no choice. If we don’t watch this entire season, we have failed.

We have not moved off the couches in hours, except to eat. Outside, I don’t even think it’s raining anymore. I know for a fact that in one day I have undone all the working out and somewhat more mindful eating I’ve been pursuing all month long. Quite honestly, all this non-activity has left me feeling lethargic, schlumpy, and entirely unproductive. And I think Leisel is now feigning attentive Office watching while actually sneaking some z’s. (I KNOW YOU’RE CHEATING, LEISEL!) And there are some super run-on sentences and lots of completely inventive punctuation here, but my brain is mush, so just go along with it.

But we’ve endured. We’re almost done with the last disc and we haven’t checked the weather forecast in hours. Because we know how to make the most of Tornado Day. And because we are champions. Mind numbed, weary, calorie laden champions.

**** Edit: We just could not make it through the last hour…. you could say we failed, but personally I’m proud of us for finally turning the damn thing off. ***