{Bopping around Birmingham to some Michael Jackson}

Leisel: Why does he say, “You’re a vegetable??”
me: Whaaaaaat? Psh, that’s not what it says.
Leisel: Yes, it does! Look, here: {turns up the volume} ‘You’re a Vegetable…. they still hate youuuuu…”
me: It doesn’t say that.
Leisel: I think it does!
me: No. That makes no sense. Why would she be a vegetable? {I lean in and listen closely} …… Vestibule? Maybe “You’re a vestibuuuule….”
Leisel: That is stupid. Why would she be a vestibule? Why would it be vestibule over vegetable?? No.
me: Why would it be vegatable? What the hell does that mean?? ‘You’re a festival?’
Leisel: No.
me: Maybe it’s saying…
Leisel: It’s ‘vegetable!’

So…. I looked it up. And it’s actually “vegetable.” And there’s something about a buffet… and eating… basically, this song makes no sense. And that’s our revelation for the day that I’m gifting to you.

You’re welcome.