Tonight while I was packing for Rhode Island, I turned around to find a stowaway in my suitcase:

George wants to come along, too. It is my suspicion that this is not based on the fact that George will particularly miss me or enjoys traveling (emphatic no on both counts), but rather I believe it is because George has caught wind of the fact that Leisel will be alone all weekend (I am leaving Mia with her boyfriend). Which basically translates into: George will remain in Leisel’s eager clutches all weekend to meet Leisel’s desire for 1) companionship  2) keeping the scary thoughts away  3) slowly breaking George down into an affectionate animal — aka achieving the impossible.

In all honesty, in regards to point #3, I believe Leisel is actually succeeding somewhat. Although George still mostly scampers away when he senses Leisel lunging for him with her arms outstretched and eager fingers waggling– I’ve noticed that lately when George passively endures her embraces, sometimes he even closes his eyes and seems almost relaxed. I must say, I’ve felt the twinges of jealousy knowing that when I tackle George, I can only expect a few moments of cuddles before he hooks his claws onto some nearby surface to give him enough leverage to pull himself out of my arms. Hmm… that happens a lot actually…

In any case– Leisel, George: I wish you both the best. Be good to each other while I’m gone.
And if you start a love affair while I’m away, I will go Sicilian crazy on both of you.