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Just to keep all the frenzy of the Liberty of London at Target line going, I was super excited to discover Chai Am Woman and I were twins today:

So fun! I, too, wore this particular blouse with a thin tank under it for modesty’s sake. And also like Amanda, looking down at this print made me smile and feel all the warmth of springtime in my heart. Which is a good thing, because it was cold and gray today. In fact, just being honest, this shirt was totally inappropriate for today’s chilly temperatures; however, I was determined to wear it and figured if I forced the issue, maybe Mother Nature would take the hint and warm up already. I feel confident about my influence. Expect sunshine any day now.

In similar news, this afternoon I was amused to find an email from The Drunch regarding my Target haul that read thus:

“Hope you found some great buys and dodged this particular bullet. Please avoid either of these hairdos at all costs.”

via Liberty of London

Now Jodi, I simply would never come within ten feet of that garish monstrosity of a shirt. However, I was a little injured by your dismissive attitude towards the models’ hairstyles. I’d been looking for a new ‘do, and frankly, the one on the left struck a chord with me. I simply had no choice but conclude that, alas, The Drunch just doesn’t know high fashion when she sees it:

Photo & Hair Styling Credit: Leisel

And really, Jodi,  I believe I’ve stumbled across the perfect way to keep those boys of yours in order. Just tell them my alter ego, Magda, will come after them if they dare to set a tiny toe out of line. Like Super Nanny. Only with fierce attitude and bangin’ hair. I expect exceptional results with this. I’m not liable for any therapy they may need in the future, however.

But seriously, how happy is that print??

Shout out to Leisel, who has finally joined the blogosphere! Be sure to add Breezy Yellow Sunday to your list of fav reads!