Well, I said I was on hiatus and technically I still am… but I’m “working” at the office and am so thrilled to have internet access that I just couldn’t resist breaking into josie&george and saying “heyyyy!”

Fancy told me once, rather recently, actually, that the reason I’d lost motivation for writing in my blog was because I’d lost the “angst” that I needed to bitch to the blogosphere on a regular basis. Well, Fancy maybe doesn’t throw around the word “bitch” as freely as I do (being a lady and all), but it was something to that effect. The point being, Fancy thinks all my writing thrives on my ability to be cynical, morbid, neurotic, and Eeyore-ish. An entirely blissful Josie just… isn’t… that interesting. And it just might have a ring of truth, who knows.

Well, friends, allow me just to say that this week has been brutal.


And so, Fancy and fellow friends, I can feel the angst in my previously empty angst tank rising right back up to where it should be. And I’m all, “Where have you been? Why did I ever think I could get used to being without you?”

Still without a computer, of course.
But, ooh, I’m angsty.

Back in a few days (if I ever get my &$!@%*$ computer back),